Herding Bracelet

$ 80.00

This herding bracelet features a black and white border collie herding sheep but send us a photo of your dog or dogs (it doesn't have to be a border collie!) and will will paint him or her on the bracelet. This bracelet fits a 6 1/2" - 7" wrist but it can be made shorter or longer to accommodate your wrist size.  

These bracelets are truly custom so we can really paint pretty much whatever you'd like: your dog, a sheep, your dog, his favorite toy, your dog, a piece of agility equipment etc.

Send us a photo/photos of the side of your dog so we can match his markings

To make the bracelet first the artist makes the glass, then paints it with a special glass paint and then it's baked so it won't chip.  Then the hardware is glued in place

To order hit the Contact Us button. Attach the photo you would like us to use and your color choice and I will just invoice you off the website

Custom work takes about 4 weeks and comes in a gift box